Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

In the Media..
“My skin looks markedly brighter and fresher than it did when I arrived..It works. It makes you look young and bursting with health..”
Precious Williams writes in The Telegraph, 13th August 2004

“Amazingly, when I looked in the mirror, the lines from my nose to my mouth had completely disappeared, as if I’d had some sort of filler..”
Nicole Mowbray writes in the Daily Mail, 18th January 2010

You may enjoy these benets too!

Used for thousands of years by the wives of Chinese emperors to look more radiant, some call this popular therapy the ‘non-surgical face lift’. Patients report improvement in the vitality of their face, and loved one’s often see an increase in their partner’s ‘sparkle’.

Get the X-factor the natural way!

About FRA
Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture is a popular natural treatment which makes you look and feel younger. Similar to traditional acupuncture, it’s based on the same principle of stimulating acu-points, but with particular focus on the face.

To have a radiant complexion the body must be healthy inside and out; so as part of your treatment, any health issues you may have will also be addressed.

This whole body approach to facial rejuvenation provides lasting results – many patients not only start looking better, but also feel better, sleep better and have less aches and pains.

FRA was traditionally used by the wives of Chinese emperors to maintain a youthful appearance, but now many people are having this ancient treatment to keep up with modern living.

The benefits
• look and feel more radiant
• brighten the eyes
• smooth fine lines and wrinkles
• reduce bags under the eyes
• firm up jowls
• lessen puffiness
• lift saggy eyelids
• address double chins
• tighten the pores

How ?
• increases local blood circulation
• encourages lymph flow
• collagen and elastin production
• enhances muscle tone
• promotes dermal contraction
• improves hormonal balance
• clears stress in the face

The treatment includes

Traditional Diagnosis
Provides you with details on how to live and
eat to look younger

Shoulder Massage
Increases blood and nutrient flow to the face

Facial Massage
Gentle relaxation and de-stress

Tiger-Warmer Facial Massage
Increases local circulation and clears stagnant blood in facial tissue

Dermal Roller Application
Increases local circulation in facial micro-vessels and promotes collagen / elastin production

Facial Acupuncture
Brightens the eyes, enhances facial radiance and promotes collagen / elastin production

Simple Body Acupuncture
To address any health issues which maybe affecting your appearance

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does acupuncture feel like?
A: Most patients find acupuncture treatment very relaxing with little or no sensation from the needles

Q: How many sessions will I need?
A: This depends on the results you want to achieve, but normally a course of twelve treatments is recommended

Session time: 90 minutes
Cost: £70 per treatment

Special offer: Book a course of 6 treatments, pay in advance, and pay only £50 per treatment!