Facial Massage Treatment

When the body is in a deep rest it puts the brakes on the systems that pump blood and lymph around the body. At night, when the lymph drainage of toxins form and the tissues slow down, the waste builds up. Puffiness around the face, particularly the eyes, in the morning is just one of the more obvious signs of this; likewise, the relative pallor that follows the nocturnal slow down in blood circulation.

It is not only sleep that slows down circulation. During the day, lack of exercise, poor nutrition, shallow breathing and overexposure to pollution – all hazards of modern living – slow the drainage of lymph and flow of blood.

Facial Massage via exercise jump-starts both. A pinker glow is the obvious testament to improved blood flow. This is why a monthly facial is so beneficial. An acceleration in lymph action is less visible, but you can assume that if your face is a richer color the lymph has also been stimulated, since it vessels run closer to the surface of the skin, a fluid lymph system shows in a resilient immune system and a bright complexion. Half of the lymph nodes in the body are in the neck, so unblocking them has an immediate effect on the facial skin.

How does it work?
When you press or squeeze any part of your body, it increases circulation to that area. The face responds particularly well to touch as it is packed with small, sensitive muscle and so richly endowed with endings.

Tension, and to a certain extent age, causes the connective tissue between the layers of the facial skin and the facial muscle to become less supple over time. As a result habitual expressions such as frown lines, rigid jaws, pursed lips and staring eyes tend to become set as part of the fabric of the face. The gentle pressure of a facial massage can loosen up the facial muscle and allow them to learn to slide back into place more readily after being tensed. The cumulative effect is such that with repeated treatment your face will be left looking relaxed, and therefore younger. Also, because massage stimulates circulation to the face, your complexion will be toned and glowing.

Price: £30
Duration: 45min