Microcurrent Facial Beauty Treatment

Choose our bespoke facial beauty treatment which uses ancient beauty secrets combined with high-tech microcurrent therapy to boost elastin and collegen production, which addresses fine lines and increases facial tone and may result in a more sparkly and radiant you.

“I find the treatment very relaxing and have recommended Rebecca to many of my clients..”
Mrs J Richardson, Norwich. 09/09/11

“I am very happy with the treatment I have received from Rebecca..”
Mr D Kellaway, Norwich. 04/08/11

The Benefits

• brighten the eyes
• smooth fine lines and wrinkles
• reduce bags under the eyes
• lessen puffiness
• tighten the pores


• micro-pulses of energy provided to the facial tissue
• increases local blood circulation
• encourages lymph flow
• collagen and elastin production
• enhances muscle tone
• promotes dermal contraction
• clears stress in the face

Your facial beauty treatment will include:

• micro-current electrical toning therapy
• facial massage and lymph drainage
• shoulders, neck and head massage

Want to know more?

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Session time: 90 minutes
Cost: £70 per treatment

Special offer: Book a course of 6 treatments, pay in advance, and pay only £50 per treatment!

Please don’t be confused – this service is not a facial, but an advanced treatment for facial beauty